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The problem with traffic

In 2015, there were 2,4 million traffic accidents in Germany. That is 279 per hour and 4 per minute. Every day, 10 people die on German roads.

Accidents per hour

The daily risk

A high risk, that we, as road users, expose ourselves to daily. Even if the technical standards of our cars is becoming more secure and our road network is in relatively good condition, the number of fatalities is not declining.

0 Deaths are possible. We are convinced of that. That is why, we want to strenghen the confidence of all those that drive a vehicle and are a part of road traffic.

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Traffic deaths in Germany 2013-2015 (source Wikipedia)
In this case, everyone can do something about it.

How do we want to achieve that?

E-learning is the key to a greater vision at the wheel. With informative, easy to understand online lessons, FahrschulFernsehen.de pays attention to typical dangerous situations on road traffic and explains how to avoid those risks for one self and for the others. Even long-term license holders benefit from it: This way, it is easy to brush up on the basics of a first aid course, to check up on the rules of a roundabout and get important tips for safe overtaking, on the screen - at home, during the office break or on the go.

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Learning to drive simply online

The online lessons of FahrschulFernsehen.de will be offered in several languages, including Deutsch English Arabisch. A deaf-mute version is also being planned.

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FahrschulFernsehen.de can be subscribed to.

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We want to raise public interest even more

Kindergartens, schools and other public institutions get free access!

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We want to contribute to more road safety, because 0 traffic deaths are possible. Anyone driving a vehicle can do something about it, and we are here to help. Your FahrschulFernsehen.de Team