How it works

We sharpen our view on the screen for a clearer look on the road.


Learning to drive simply online

With short training lessons from the Web, that everyone can complete online, at home or on the go, on a PC or a mobile phone, we draw attention to the dangers of everyday road traffic, and show you how to master those safely.

  • Immediate access to all lessons with more than 200+ videos
  • Videos in quality
  • Professional driving instructors teach you
  • Cancel online at any time
  • Free 3 day trial
  • Video lessons in multiple languages Deutsch English Arabisch
  • Learning progress is saved
  • Use on many devices, everywhere
  • Constantly new video lessons

Learn 3 days for free

Starting at just 1,75 € a week can be subscribed to. You then have instant access to all lessons with more than 200+ videos in quality.

Cancel online at any time.

Learn 3 days for free

Everyone is a driving student - for a lifetime.
What is true for driving beginners, is also true for long-term license holders - you never stop learning. As valuable a routine at the wheel or at a handlebar may be, as dangerous as it can be to completely be dependent on it. With our online lessons, you can always refresh your knowledge at any time and sharpen your awareness to dangerous situations. Your Team