Frequently asked questions

What is FahrschulFernsehen (Driving School TV)?

FahrschulFernsehen is the first video platform in Germany, that provides complete theoretical driving school lessons of all driving license classes, with a real driving instructor.

Which target group does FahrschulFernsehen address?

Pupils of all driving license classes, as well as holders of driving licenses who would like to familiarize themselves with current legal conditions, as well as refresh their current knowledge.

What is the cost of FahrschulFernsehen?

FahrschulFernsehen is available starting at 1.75 € a week.

Do I need proof of a driving school registration?

For FahrschulFernsehen, you do not need proof from a driving school. You can also take advantage of FahrschulFernsehen to refresh your knowledge.

Can I share access with my friends?

No. An access transfer to third parties is not permitted.

On which devices does it work?

FahrschulFernsehen works on many end devices.

Can I download the videos?

No. The videos of FahrschulFernsehen are not intended to be downloaded. You can play the videos anytime and anywhere during your subscription.

Can I watch the videos several times?

You purchase your one-time access to FahrschulFernsehen, and as part of your subscription, you can watch the videos as often as you like.