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Learning to drive - simply online with FahrschulFernsehen.de

Simulated real driving situations on video, explained by real driving instructors. FahrschulFernsehen is your platform for learning to drive - online, whenever you want, on all internet-compatible devices. It does not matter if you want to practice for your driving license while you are currently waiting at the bus stop, or on your bus drive, or if the theoretical tests of the driving school are too dry for you to practice at home, and you would prefer to watch certain driving situations on your PC. With our videos, you can be flexible while learning to drive, whenever it suits you.

It does not matter if you would like to have a driving license for a car, truck or motorcycle. FahrschulFernsehen provides you with training packages for every vehicle class - conveniently with a subscription starting at 1.75 € a week. You can get started immediately after signing up and cancel online at any time.

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You have to know the traffic signs, observe the regulations of road traffic and react as quickly as possble. Thus, it is not unusual for driving beginners to feel overwhelmed, and feel afraid to make wrong decisions in unknowns driving situations. That is why, especially while learning to drive, it is important to remember: Practice makes perfect. The more you are prepared for a driving test, the more you can "successfully" run though situations, and thus, feel more confident, helping you to pass the driving test successfully.

And this is exactly where our driving license online courses will help you. In our video lessons, you get a practical insight into numerous driving situations. The advantage over learning to drive with books is obvious: You don't just see a single image with a few arrows, but thanks to the videos, you see the whole process. Additionally, you will also receive professional explanations from driving instructors of the respective situations.

Starting 1,75 € a week

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Learning to drive, online on your smartphone, tablet and PC

If you have registered with us for a subscription to learning to drive, you can view the courses anywhere and on any device, and of course, as often as you like. Since all our driving courses are available online, it does not matter where you end up learning or whether you use your PC, your smartphone or your tablet. The only requirement you need is access to the internet.

This way, you are always able to strengthen your driving knowledge when you are in the mood and have the time for it. Maybe you would like to prepare for your driving school in the late evening hours. Maybe you have little time besides school, university or an apprenticeship, and would like to take advantage of the tedious waiting times on the bus or train. That is not a problem, with our flexible and short training units, that are available for you at any time.

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The more than 200 videos on our FahrschulFernsehen.de platform, are primarily aimed at those who have just started to learn to drive and who want to learn the theory and practice units of the driving school online. In the videos, a lot of road traffic situations are clearly demonstrated, making it easier for you to remember how to react in every respective case.

At the same time, our offer is also aimed at experienced drivers. Just because driving has turned into a routine, does not mean that you always end up acting appropriately on road traffic. Other than that, there are legal changes happening almost every year. It is therefore wise, to refresh your knowledge with FahrschulFernsehen.de as an experienced driver as well. In our videos, we portray a lot of danger situations that you may no longer even remember.

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